Complete Compliance Package

Complete IT Security Compliance Package tailor-made for small financial service firms

Policies and Procedures

IT Security and Cyber Security employee policies, internal compliance routines, and standards for compliance form the foundation of a compliance program. Our plans are comprehensive, editable, and can actually be used with simple checklists, self-audits and other tools specific to the finance industry.


We provide a unique platform where we can assess whether employees have received enough information that you can reasonably expect knowledge of the requirements. For production personnel especially, the cross-certification of previous courses can save hours of time and frustration with redundant requirements.

IT/Cyber Audit

Our low-cost, supervised self-audit system allows us to collect workpapers, documentation, infrastructure assessments, and operating information without the expense and time of an on-site audit. Our expertise in the finance industry allows us to avoid re-assessing risks already addressed elsewhere in the financial services industry regulatory scheme. 

Purchase Complete Cyber Security Audit Package

This package includes an IT Security Audit, Policies/Procedures, and Employee Training.

IT/Cyber Security COMPLETE Package

Price: $495.00

Includes: Plan PLUS 3rd Party Review PLUS Cyber Security Officer Training.

Stand-Alone Cyber/IT Security Compliance Audit and Report

Price: $250.00

Note: You must have the 2-9 IT Security Plan in order to use this product.

Includes: Use this product to request your NYS DFS Section 500 Cyber-Security Certification.