Vendor Management

Third Party Vendor Management Service

80% of data breaches occur when a 3rd party vendor, who also has access to your data, gets hacked. We'll make sure you are doing your due diligence by reviewing vendors. 

The mortgage industry uses the same vendors. Once you add a customer to your IT Security list of vendors, we automatically contact the vendor to validate their IT Security protocols. Often, the vendor is already in our system, saving you time and money.  

Add your vendor's CyberSecurity Certification to our database!

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IT Security Vendor Management in the Mortgage Industry

This is our proactive approach to IT Security Vendor Management, showcasing how we are working to compile a robust database of mortgage industry-specific vendors to fortify your digital defenses.

The Essence of IT Security Vendor Management:

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the strength of your defense is only as robust as your weakest link. IT Security Vendor Management is the strategic cornerstone ensuring all vendors, especially those in the mortgage industry, meet and exceed the stringent security standards necessary to protect sensitive data.

Our Comprehensive Vendor Database:

1. Industry-Tailored Vendor Selection: understands the unique challenges and regulatory nuances of the mortgage industry. Our team meticulously curates a database of vendors specifically tailored to meet mortgage companies' security and compliance needs.

2. Rigorous Vendor Screening Process:

We go beyond the surface. Our rigorous vendor screening process evaluates not only the products and services offered but, more importantly, the security protocols and practices each vendor employs to protect your data.

3. Compliance Alignment:

In the highly regulated mortgage industry, compliance is non-negotiable. Our vendor database ensures that every vendor is not only compliant with industry regulations but also aligned with the specific compliance requirements of your organization.

4. Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation:

The digital landscape is dynamic, and so is our vendor management approach. We employ continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that vendors consistently meet the high standards set forth by

The Benefits of Our Vendor Management Approach:

1. Enhanced Security Resilience:

By partnering with industry-specific vendors who adhere to stringent security standards, your organization benefits from enhanced resilience against cyber threats.

2. Streamlined Compliance Processes:

Our vendor database simplifies the compliance landscape. Streamlined processes ensure that your organization and vendors consistently align with industry regulations.

3. Proactive Risk Mitigation:

Identifying and mitigating potential risks is at the heart of our vendor management strategy. We proactively address vulnerabilities to ensure your data remains secure throughout the vendor relationship.